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Click here for our recently updated FAQ Regarding Immigration Status and Services at UGA

Please note: In order to best serve our students and scholars during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Immigration Services will continue to mail documents through fall semester to reduce in-person office visits. See here for more information.

Joint statement by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education on the importance of international education to U.S. higher education.

Please see "A Renewed U.S. Committment to International Education" (link is external), a joint statement of by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education.

Travel Restrictions & National Interest Exceptions

A travel restriction currently suspends entry into the United States of most nonimmigrants who were physically present within the countries outlined on the COVID-19 Traveler Information (link is external) resource for a 14-day period prior to their travel to the U.S. You can find the website and contact information for the U.S. Consulate closest to you here: US Embassies (link is external).

As of April 30, 2021, these countries include all Schengen countries, Iran, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and India.

Certain business travelers, investors, treaty traders, academics, and students may qualify for National Interest Exceptions under Presidential Proclamations (P.P.s) 9984 (China), 9992 (Iran), 10143 (Brazil and South Africa), 9993 (Schengen Area), 9996 (United Kingdom and Ireland), and 10199 (India). 

Please review our COVID-19 FAQ for additional details for UGA International Students & Scholars.

Travel Bans for H-1B and J-1 Visa Holders - Expired 

As of March 31st, 2021, the travel bans affecting H-1B and J-1 visa holders coming into the U.S. have expired.  Regional travel bans, however, remain in place for foreign nationals physically present in Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, the Schengen Area, South Africa, and the United Kingdom within 14 days of attempting entry to the United States. Many U.S. Consulates are not accepting visa application appointments, and in some cases are cancelling appointments that had previously been confirmed. If you are able to clear the travel bans that are still in place, a negative Covid-19 test within three days of international travel to the U.S. is required as well. 

If you are currently in the U.S. holding a non-immigrant visa, and you have plans to travel outside the U.S. in the near future, please carefully consider the implications to your employment or academic program should you be unable to re-enter.  If you are outside the U.S. and are planning to travel to the U.S., please monitor your local U.S. Consular website and your airline for updated information. You may consult with your immigration advisor in our office, by calling 706 542-2900, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

U.S. Consulates 

U.S. Consulates are slowly re-opening for visa applications. Students and Scholars, please keep us informed as to the status of your visa application, and travel plans to the U.S. 

In-Person Interview Waiver 

If you are applying for a visa in the same nonimmigrant visa classification and category. Department of State (DOS) announced expansion of statutory and regulatory Provisions that allow consular officers to waive the in-person interview requirement for individuals applying to renew a visa in the same nonimmigrant visa classification and category if it has not been more than 48 months since the prior visa expired. The expansion of this authority is valid until December 31, 2021. To qualify, for the visa renewal interview waiver (link is external), please contact the consulate or embassy where you will apply to confirm steps for renewing the visa. 

Students and Scholars Traveling to U.S. 

J-1 scholars  

If you need a letter of support for your visa appointment outlining what research and academic activities you will pursue at UGA, please reach out to your sponsoring department. 

F-1 and J-1 Students  

If you will be returning to the U.S. after enrolling remotely for the fall 2020 or spring 2021 terms, you should request a new I-20 or DS-2019 and support letter. 

  • Students with Active SEVIS records should request a “Replacement I-20" or “Replacement DS-2019" through our Compass portal. A program verification letter will be issued with the new  

  • If you are a F-1 student who has not previously enrolled on-campus but remotely abroad, please complete the “I-20 Request: Deferral to Summer or Fall 2021”  
    e-form. An advisor will assist you with the next steps and issue a program verification letter for your visa appointment.   

Summer & Fall 2021 Instructional Plans 

Summer 2021 

Classes will continue to be offered in face-to-face, hybrid, or online formats. Hybrid and online classes may be synchronous or asynchronous. The instructional formats for all classes will be published in Athena by April 5, 2021. 

Fall 2021 

UGA plans to resume normal operations in the Fall Semester, including a return to full in-person instruction, full capacity in our residence halls and dining facilities, and regular operations for other campus services. All research and public service operations are also expected to resume regular activities no later than Fall 2021. 

However, UGA will continue to monitor the pandemic closely and will follow public health guidance from the University System of Georgia, the Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

For more information, please review Summer and Fall 2021 Instructional Plans - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response ( 

Office of Global Engagement Health and Safety Information

Please see the OGE Health and Safety Information video below.