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Saurabh Anand, a PhD student at UGA, has been recognized in his field of Language and Literacy by various institutions and global organizations. One of these distinguished recognitions was when he was awarded “30 under 30” by the International Literacy Association this past January 2021. Saurabh has been invited as a panelist, keynote speaker, and guest lecturer at local community colleges and universities such as Minnesota’s South-Central College & IIT Kanpur, where he has presented on language equality and equity around the world. While English was a barrier at first, Saurabh overcame this and shared his personal story internationally with the publishing platforms of the American Consortium for Equity in Education, TESOL International Association, American Association of Applied Linguistics, and Modern Languages Association of the United States He regularly encourages his students to do the same and feels that his personal experience in this allows him to be a great mentor in this area. He is devoted to these students and guides them in becoming a compelling blend of speakers, writers, and readers as models; teaching them to design level-appropriate yet comprehensive exercises, innovative methods, and rubrics that make an intellectual and critical addition to their students' learning and create opportunities for their students to display creativity. Outside of his academic and teaching commitments, he regularly writes for non-academic yet teaching-focused outlets. Through these platform, he consistently gives back to his field by sharing best practices to student-teachers; providing the most updated skill sets to adapt comfortably to the needs of various contexts such as online teaching; cultivating language development of international students and others. His Op-Eds and blogposts have been featured in Minnesota’s Duluth News Tribune newspaper and Athens Pride. His hope is that his ideas travel outside my classroom and create a significant change in the broader education sphere. UGA is fortunate to have his skills not only in the classroom, but also as a member of the UGA community who is working to increase the university’s recognition through the various organizations, publishing companies, institutions, that have all recognized Saurabh’ s work and accomplishments.