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For today’s Student/Scholar Spotlight, we congratulate Sudhir Yadav on his achievements. Sudhir is a Ph.D. student in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences studying Poultry Science. He is originally from Nepal and did his undergrad in Veterinary Science. He completed his MS at The University of Hawaii and is about to finish his Ph.D. at The University of Georgia.

In his most recent publication, he was able to establish Macadamia nut cake and Carinata meal as an alternative feed ingredient for chicken. Another unique work of his is focused on the characterization of the gut microbiome of Hawaiian feral chickens and was recently published in the Poultry Science Journal.

On the subject of his research interests, Sudhir explained, “I was really fascinated by chickens, especially production and consumption in the U.S., so I wanted to do something for them. My work is focused on developing food for chickens from natural sources to discourage the use of antibiotics in chickens, as they are linked to antibiotic resistance in humans. I am also very keen to learn and understand the gut microbiome of chickens and how it is linked to chicken performance, health, immunity, and even behavior. My future plan is to continue research to produce healthy food for chickens that will ultimately benefit human nutrition.”

Sudhir is currently serving as the Regional Director for the South East Region, USA for the Poultry Science Association (PSA)- Hatchery, an official student group of PSA. He was also elected vice-president for the Nepalese Student Association at UGA (2018-2020).

Pictures credited to Sudhir Yadav.