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For today’s Student/Scholar Spotlight, we congratulate Ahmad Mahdi Abdelmawla on his achievements. Ahmad received his master's degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Cairo University in 2017 and began his PhD in Engineering at UGA in spring 2019. He said that upon arriving to UGA, “it took some time for me to adjust to the culture. The U.S. society is a very dynamic community that keeps you moving all the time, either for work, fun, or your social life. The USA system encourages you to live your dream and pursue your goals in a fun way.”



During his time at UGA, Ahmad has conducted lead research on nondestructive testing applications in transportation and pavement engineering. His research specifically focuses on using ground-penetrating radar in structural assessment of roads. The innovations to come from this research will allow for performing these structural assessments while driving at road-way speed. This will keep workers from having to stop traffic in order to inspect the roads, which should lead to saving time and lives for engineers during inspection and maintenance operations. Ahmad stated that his dream is for his research to “help change people’s lives for the better and to help in the prosperity of humankind, as this is the role of the civil engineer in my belief.”


Picture provided by Ahmad Mahdi Abdelmawla.