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Athens, GA- UGA students recently graduated from two certificate programs offered at UGA: the UGA-Peace Corps Prep Certificate and the Global Education & Leadership Certificate.

7 UGA students graduated from the UGA-Peace Corps Prep Certificate program. The certificate program uses training and coursework to equip students with the necessary skills to become effective volunteers. Requirements include 50 hours of field experience in the community, coursework to build foreign language skills, intercultural competence courses, and professional leadership development.

10 UGA students graduated from the Global Education & Leadership Certificate program. The Global Education & Leadership Certificate is designed to give students returning from international studies the opportunity to further those experiences in a meaningful way. Participants complete requirements that contribute to leadership development and help them integrate global experiences into their academic, personal, and professional lives.


The University of Georgia, which "endeavors to prepare the University community and the state for full participation in the global society of the twenty-first century," makes students ready to contribute positively to global society through respect and understanding of cultural differences and excellence in public service. These two, separate certificate programs play a vital role towards achieving that goal as participants glean the importance and value of global interactions and the impact those interactions make in their daily lives.


“The Office of Global Engagement is delighted to enhance UGA students’ academic experience by offering several career-focused certificates,” says Yana Cornish, Director of Global Education. “We have been impressed by students’ enthusiasm and interest in these certificates, that combine academics, leadership, and service.  Our staff are glad to support students’ progress towards earning these certificates.”


Both Certificates are available to UGA undergraduate students.  


For more information about the programs, visit:

Global Education and Leadership Certificate

Peace Corps Prep Certificate



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