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At the end of the program, the program will be officially “closed”. This means the approved program chartstrings will be brought to zero. Funds that remain once the final program expenses are paid will either be returned to OGE-Finance (10500 funds), returned to the students via a student refunds (14100 funds), or swept to the Study Away Emergency Reserve Fund (managed by OGE-F). The process for returning unused allocation varies based on term and time of fiscal year. The program’s business manager is responsible for ensuring unused allocation funds are returned to OGE-F. OGE-F is responsible for calculating and requesting refunds to students (when applicable) and sweeping remaining program revenue to the Emergency Reserve Fund.

Closeout Template

After the final expenses are paid the program’s closeout form will need to be completed and submitted to OGE-F by emailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. After the OGE-F team has reviewed the program’s finances they will initiate budget transfers to sweep any remaining allocation funds and will issue refunds to students.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the Closeout Template.

Programs That End with a Deficit

May factors can cause a program to end with a deficit due to unanticipated events, such as unusually volatile currency fluctuations, enrollment fluctuations, or unexpected changes in on-site costs. In some cases, Emergency Reserve Funds may be able to assist. When appropriate, department business managers should follow the procedures to petition funds from the Emergency Reserve Fund.

In the event that a program ends with a deficit and Emergency Reserve Funds are not approved, the chartstrings will need to be brought to zero with support from departmental funds.

Please note that a program that ends in a deficit may not be allowed to run next year. A complete review will be performed and the respective Dean and Associate Provost of OGE will determine if the program will be allowed to continue.

For additional information please see Emergency Reserve Fund.