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International Interns at UGA

UGA faculty and academic units may host international students for internships. The students should be undertaking the internship to advance studies at their home institution and need to comply with US visa requirements and UGA policies. While these students are not admitted to UGA nor enrolled in UGA courses, they require access to UGA facilities, systems, or services. Student interns require a faculty sponsor within their potential department who is willing and able to coordinate and the supervise the internship. The academic unit offering the internship should establish this institutional agreement that defines the respective responsibilities of UGA, the home university, and the intern.

For additional information regarding hosting international interns, see:

UGA Interns at International Partners

UGA students may participate in international internships. Students typically complete these programs for academic credit and, in some cases, may be paid for their work. All internships recommended to students by or facilitated by UGA faculty or staff must be submitted by the faculty or staff member to the UGA Office of International Education for review well in advance of student travel. Depending on the type of internship, additional approval and documentation steps may be required.

For guidance on submitting internships for review, see: