Office of Global Engagement

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International Cooperative Agreements (ICAs) help bring parties to the table for further discussions and provide evidence of cooperation when seeking funding. Simple ICAs are customarily executed using UGA's standard form and are signed on behalf of UGA by the Associate Provost for International Education. While they do not commit UGA to specific activities, ICAs do represent a symbolic commitment to an international partnership and require careful consideration. All ICAs are initiated through an online Proposal Form, which requires that the rationale for the partnership be clearly articulated, and which must be approved by a sponsoring college or department prior to review by the Office of International Education.

Things to Consider Before Proposing a New Cooperative Agreement:

  • What are the expected outcomes of the proposed relationship?
  • What planning, communication or collaboration has already occurred?
  • What are the benefits to UGA's different stakeholders?
  • How would the partnership support UGA's mission or enhance areas of priority at UGA?
  • Is the faculty member, department/center and college committed to a sustained partnership?
  • What is the potential for expanding the partnership?
  • How would the partnership complement existing international collaboration at UGA?
  • What are the financial implications of the proposed partnership?
  • How would a formal agreement enhance the partnership?

The complete process will include the following steps:



  • UGA faculty consult with partner colleagues about collaborative objectives
  • UGA faculty consult with International Partnerships (IP) about collaborative objectives, if desired


  • Home department/center and college at UGA review proposal
  • IP reviews proposal


  • IP or UGA faculty reach out to partner with ICA template or revised version of partner template
  • IP negotiates revisions to terms of contract
  • IP clears contract terms with Office of Legal Affairs


  • One institution initiates signature and sends partially signed agreements to partner
  • Second institution signs agreement and returns fully signed original to partner
  • IP coordinates routing for signature and keeps agreement


  • IP incorporates partnership information into UGA database
  • Parties execute further sub-agreements if appropriate
  • UGA faculty keep IP updated regarding collaboration
  • IP periodically reviews current partnerships
  • Agreement may be renewed if appropriate