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Proposing Collaborative Degrees

The establishment of an international collaborative degree such as a dual or joint degree requires the involvement of support offices on campus along with the home academic units, the Board of Regents, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Collaborative degree programs need to be formalized in a contract between the participating institutions.


Since collaborative degrees represent a significant institutional commitment, interested faculty should reach out to their department heads and deans to gage support for the project. This inquiry should include a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the collaborative degree as well as a candid assessment of the level of support and buy-in at each institution. UGA faculty should also ask their colleagues at the partner institution to assess the support available. The International Partnerships unit in the Office of International Education is happy to consult during this process.

Proposal for a Collaborative Degree

The Office of Curriculum Systems administers collaborative degree proposals in accord with UGA Academic Affairs Policy Statement 16. The Office of Curriculum Systems provides a collaborative degree process flowchart that outlines the units involved in degree review as well as the proposal form. The Office of International Education is also tasked with reviewing proposal and related contracts.

Proposals for international collaborative degrees should address the following considerations:

  • General terms including the initial duration of program, the accreditation status of both partners, and justification and need for the program
  • Application and admission process including deadlines, academic criteria for acceptance, and the disposition of students only accepted into one program
  • Curriculum/program structure including the student timeline/degree track, credit hours, transfer credit policy, courses or course equivalencies, language of instruction, and any requirements beyond standard coursework (internship, thesis, etc.)
  • Minimum and maximum student participation numbers, student conduct, disciplinary processes, and student responsibilities
  • Program administration including program coordination, funding, student advising and support, marketing responsibilities, program benchmarks and assessment, and provisions for early termination of program and disposition of students

Collaborative Degree Negotiation and Execution

Once a sufficiently detailed proposal has been vetted at each university, the International Partnerships unit in the Office of International Education can help to coordinate the drafting, negotiation and execution of a collaborative degree agreement in consultation with Legal Affairs. This agreement will be subject to approval from the UGA units involved in proposal review as well as from the partner institution.

If you have any questions about international collaborative programs, please do not hesitate to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (706-542-1117)